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Mamluk rugs are the original Egyptian Mamluks replicated by the same weavers families . Mamluk carpets are characterized by a central, dominant octagonal medallion surrounded by a great variety of smaller, geometric motifs. They take their name from the Mamluk dynasties that ruled Egypt from 1250 through 1517. Carpets of this design were produced in Cairo, largely for the southern European luxury trade. Megerian designs are copyrighted. Each rug is inscribed, in Armenian, with the Megerian family name, signifying the authenticity of a Megerian piece.

Each rug is permanently numbered, noting the exact loom on which it was woven. Buyers of Megerian pieces can be sent a "Certificate of Authenticity," signed by a member of the Megerian family. The Megerian family stands behind the high quality standard we have set for our rugs. There are other Egyptians, but none measure up in quality, including materials, workmanship, inventory availability or service.

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Megerian RugsSize: Standard
Mamluk MK4 Caramel Light Blue

Megerian RugsSize: Standard
Mamluk MKM6 Chocolate Green

Megerian RugsSize: Standard
Mamluk MK9M Caramel

Megerian RugsSize: Standard
Mamluk MKarina 6M Caramel Yellow

Megerian RugsSize: Standard
Mamluk MK4 Chocolate Light Blue

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